About me

Am I being an asshole...?

Everybody tells me I’m a cute guy, a nice guy, that type of human that when you first meet him you want to have more of him. Just an impression, I tell you. I’m an asshole when you get to know me. 

I finished journalism in 2008 and I didn’t want to work for that industry at the time. Apart from the fact that the money were incredibly bad (and I had a better paying combination) the fact that the mass-media in Romania was not even partially independent from politics always made me puke. At the time, blogging was just starting to get its head out of the ass, so I blogged a long time. Nothing fancy that’s why you’ve never heard about me. I dropped the blog at a certain point in time, not being able to find the motivation to continue doing it. No monetisation, the fact that social media was not too developed so the exposure was hard to control and the fact that the lack of time interfered, made me step back from blogging for a long time. 

And then came Steemit. This incredible ecosystem that is looking to repay content creators through a totally new and innovative way. It got me like honey gets children. Slowly but surely it made me stretch intellectually and find again my blogging tonus. I’ve become the writing asshole I used to be but upgraded. 

The 2.0 ASSHOLE!

I’m here in order to create content and though I don’t have a clear line for now (this will change in time) I know I will follow:

  1. photography
  2. restaurants review
  3. forgotten monuments in Romania
  4. travel
  5. politics

I already blog on Steemit here since January 2018 and the most important articles I had there, were already imported in this site. I’m not going to bother you and say “go check my past articles” because I know I rarely have the time to do it on other blogs. Still, I encourage you to stay around and check regularly. I might have cookies 🙂

Oh…and one thing I can’t stress enough: get an account on Steemit. It’s free and it’s great. What’s more important about it is that it makes blogging interactive because of the crypto currency involved. Even a good comment shouldn’t go unrewarded, you know what I’m saying? 

Make the account.

Thank me later!