February in the streets

What can be considered “tradition” in fact? I believe “tradition” is a word that refers to a certain type of social event that is periodically repeated, with the purpose of dealing with forces that some can’t understand but all agree that they can’t be controlled through any other means. So I guess that in the respect of the above we could say that the protests Romanians are having for something like 3 years in a row now, during February (but not only), can be regarded as “tradition”.

And, as many of them down, plain stupid people in this country still believing that we have a real chance to escape once and for all the grasp of Moscow, I also had my ass freeze during an evening that turned out to be colder than expected. Me being Trump now: “What the hell happened to global warming eh? We could use some over here…

I never thought about myself, when I was younger and barely sticking my head out of the childhood shell, that I’ll be driven to protest by political things. Some say that this kind of attitude, proactive as much as I can I would say, is too much and that I’m only allowing for bigger interests groups to use myself in their manipulating schemes. Probably they would be right because in the end of the day it comes down to “tectonic politics” and the way that the biggest of interests in this world move.

It’s a game of geopolitics… it always is and small folk, like you and me, has no other choice than to take sides. We can’t really stop the train from moving but at least we can make it take a certain turn, at certain times. Or at least that’s what I like to think. If this weren’t true, through the history of mankind, if the population wouldn’t be active, nothing would have changed and at a certain point in time, human civilization would have been stuck with some lazy ass sovereign that would put to sleep the whole country. So in the end, the only thing that keeps us from tilting into a totalitarian system, whatever its form may be, it’s us. Because the human greed, characteristic for the people suddenly receiving a whole lot of power, is most probably a danger that usually can’t be tamed by its owner.

And this is where I consider courage, civical spirit and sacrifice comes into place. Yeah, it’s usually a nasty business. Us, screaming towards an empty building, while its employees, the ones we were shouting to, most probably were having a hot bath in their luxurious apartments giving 0 fucks about us and our asses freezing in Victoriei square.

We were not even a lot. 10 to 15.000 tops. That’s nothing when you think about the fact that this socialists brought us in the same place by the hundreds of thousands. A lot of us got demoralised on the way. A whole other lot left in the meantime, for better places.

Did you know that Romania is the second most left country in the world? After Syria… We are bleeding hundreds of people per day and the ones that stay behind are not really our alphas. I included. Much better people than myself left the country. Some because of the money, some because they couldn’t imagine a future here. What the fuck is wrong then? Still, we are one of the European Union countries and basically all the foreigners that moved here and I’ve met, have told me that this is a much better country than anyone is telling you about.

The fact is that, us, being where we are on Europe’s map, are on that thick line of countries that stretch from Estonia and come down to Istanbul, on the South of the Black Sea. Practically we are the first contact with “the Bear”, we keep it at bay. And we have been used as exchange currency in dark times, in order for Western Europe to prevail. That fact has stirred up some monsters in these states, including Romania.

The Influence

The clear monster of Russian influence. It’s a no brainer. Being border country and being in the way of the expansionist collosus spreading its wings, the fact that over here there are a lot of Russian money circulating the wrong circles is nothing new. They even gave a hand to appoint a certain President of the United States for God’s sake, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find the russian interest at work anywhere.

Of course, the “solid” foot of the USA in Romania, thorugh its military basis and “constant support” its here, to pat us on the shoulder and tell us everything is ok. Like the wars of today are fought with bare muscle. We are at war and we don’t even know it.

Because of all of the above, we haven’t got a rest, politically speaking, until 2004-2005 when things were looking to be heading pretty much in the European way. The Red Monster was asleep and God it would’ve been good to be able to keep it that way. But it didn’t happen and here it comes to bite us right in the ass, slamming the dream of reaching from behind the well developed countries of Western Europe right in our face.

We never really enjoyed that purer breath of democracy where the day of tomorrow is pretty much settled down so you don’t have to become an animal, with animal instincts, in order to be able to survive from day to day, week to week, month to month. This fact changed something inside the DNA, the structure of everyday Romanian.

“Go vote!”

The “Fuck it all!” syndrome

It’s not like we don’t care anymore but we don’t really give a fuck about it. And I’m talking about the average Romanian, that mathematical result dude, not the individual examples that any of us might have. The average Romanian is fed up with the lies, with the thieving, with everything. While the upper classes use this anger to “punish” the political class (or so they think) by not voting, the other lower classes are using the same anger in their immediate advantage by selling their vote for 10 bucks/a bag of groceries/inclusion into social aid lists/other benefits. We’re political slaves of a centralised system and when we came to realise it (sometimes around the time they turned on the Internet) we managed to fall into a bigger trap: the conspiration theory trap.

All the information roaming around, free, on the web, got people laptop zombified, brains totally fucked up, looking for answers that are not there, taking their news from who knows what website (in the lack of a higher authority to tell them what’s real news and what’s not). It’s like during the ’90s and the 2000s they observed that the population liked spy literature and conspiracies and they secretly decided to use it against us. 10-15 years later BANG! it hits us in the nuts under the form of “New Radical Nationalism”, a current that not only took over the world but it’s becoming the fucking Boogieman in the closet… the damn Elephant in the Porcelain Room.

In that blistering wind, while jumping from one leg to another trying to keep me warm, I took a second to imagine how cold must’ve been in that December of ’89, when on the same streets blood was flowing.

We even forgot how to make a Revolution…

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