Going analog: Winter scapes

I finally finished my third roll of Kodak. As I shoot my films with the Zenit TTL, I can’t say that I am or will mainly using it. Still, from time to time, being in the back of the passenger seat, always with me, I can sense when a shot could use some grain.

And then is when I take the Zenit out.

28 shots I managed to get out of those 36 a canister holds. Not my personal best but hey! the lady behind the counter at the developing shop was impressed… again. She started being much nicer to me, especially after I managed to convince her to accept the rest shed was supposed to give to me when I left the roll to develop. There were something like 4 lei (less than 1 euro) that I thought would go a long way. And from my first impression afterwards, after all her “please, I can’t accept…” cries while I was going out of the shop, I think I managed to bribe her. She’s now inserting my film inside the camera “for safety”, inside the dark room. At first she didn’t even want to take the film out of the camera inside the dark room. But I guess that together with my good shots (sic!) and these 4 lei I bribed her good.

Nevertheless, I love what this film brought to me as well. Just like the ones before, it is very hard to focus and sharpen what the Zenit TTL and the Helios 44M are doing but nonetheless that lens is scattering the details in such a chaotic way that I couldn’t see anybody or anything doing likewise on a piece of software.

I’ve been using this roll since late September of something like this. I’m not going shooting with this everywhere, but rather where I see patterns and texture, like sand, dirt, fog. I like to see how the grain resolves these issues I guess.

For today I took the shots from this winter, the best of them… or at least the ones that show a little snow in it. Some of them (like the one with the sheep) I can’t even remember where or in what context I photographed. Because the span of time between them is quite long and because in some contexts I didn’t use my digital camera as well, I either forget that I’ve even taken them or completely forgot where was I.

After every roll of film I develop, it becomes more clearly that my Zenit has an issue with the curtain in the left side of the shot. You can better see that in the last picture. Sometimes, like in this case, it may create a nice and asymmetric vignette. Still, this is an issue and I always say that I have to invest in a nicer film camera (this one is not even mine, I got it as a try on from a friend and I forgot to give it back, you know how it is!).

I guess the moment of separation is closing in for me and this Zenit TTL. If I will buy another, better shaped one, or another brand, that’s a question to be answered…

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