Tackling a working day

I skipped work and I loved it.

Go on, criticize me, tell me that I don’t respect the working pattern and that society is based on each and every individual to do his part. Now look at me!

Do I look like a man that give any fuck on that?

The world can go on and catch fire for all I care… if there’s legendary snow in the mountains I’ll not stay home, inside an office or even worse, inside my car, travelling bad roads, trying to convince idiots to buy what I’m selling. I’d rather break my legs on the slope than having anything to do with that.

The snow is fucking incredible and they announce even more cold weather so I’m hoping that this is not the end of it. LET IT SNOW so we can have a good carpet of snow on the slopes ’till April for all I care. I wouldn’t even mind if the whole damn country would be engulfed in snow like Austria is. And differently than in Austria, our authorities would take weeks to clear the roads so everything would be paralyzed, just how I like it. I only hope that I’ll be caught by it while I’m already in the mountains, playing the game I know and I love.

This was the first time I took my camera with me on the slope and by camera I don’t mean my GoPro. I always take that with me but now I don’t use it for photography anymore but only for video, while I use the d610 to take pictures of that pure white. In the morning I made like a little bed for it on the bottom of my backpack, all tucked in some sweater of mine, back down, lens up, ready to be taken out when I needed it. And I needed it pretty bad because there were things and details you can’t catch with the damn GoPro or with the iPhone. A DSLR is a DSLR and for sure mine will be a constant presence on the slopes together with me. Untill I’ll fall so bad that it will break too and I’ll need to buy a new one. Another reason to do it right?

But this time I didn’t fall once even though the slope had only something like 100 people on it in total and I used the opportunity to test my limits in term of speed. If you know your technique and the snow is as good as it was yesterday, well, I can say that the chances to fall are very slim. No damn ice on the surface, only that crunchy, pressed snow, on the main tracks, that will give you the feeling of hunger and the need to eat something when you’ll feel the side of your board biting down hard on it. Oh, what a feeling! I almost have a hard-on only thinking about it… call me a psychopath, I don’t care.

Halfway up on the slope the wind started biting hard. Despite the fact that at the bottom it was calm and nice, up on the top the howling wind didn’t stop for the whole day and I suppose it didn’t stop for days considering the looks of the trees up there. They all had this incredible clothes made up of snow, all sticking on their branches, almost totally covering them, cracked from place to place, looking like someone has poured thick concrete over them and now that concrete is cracking under its own weight. But bringing down that snow isn’t possible though it looks like a very satisfying thing to go and do. One would rather break those branches than successfully bring down the snow. I haven’t seen this much snow on them (in Romania) since I was a child so I took my time, stopping from place to place, admiring the beauty of it all, trying to bring back inside my nostrils the feeling and the smell of my childhood. I miss it…

Tomorrow I’ll go again but being weekend I expect a whole lot of people, Bucharest citizens, to invade the valley so it will not be sooooo good. But next week I’ll skip another day for sure and I’m basing my performance on what February will bring. I need to reach at least 7 full days of slope this year as I didn’t go to the Alps this season… pause year I suppose but this time over there the snow really made it hard to enjoy a ski vacation. Who would’ve thought? Usually, the lack of it ruins vacations.

P.S. I‘m still working on what I’ve taped with my GoPro but I guess I’ll keep everything this year and make a bigger video of the whole season. Everybody’s doing movies of their little escapades, daily but I’ll be different and try to do a seasonal one.

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