Bucharest in the European blizzard

The end of a STEEM meetup

When we finished drinking our teas and wine, respectively, outside it was already snowing. Big chunks of snow, fluffy and soft, were dancing some kind of tango in the cold wind that the night was bringing. As we finished our meeting, we took our fair goodbye’s in the subway station, as both @lishu and @steemmillionaire were going to board it. I was heading towards the underground parking where I’ve left my car.

When I got out of the subway crossing under the University square I decided it was about time I put my camera to work for the night. After all there was no other reason to bring it along with me and the snowflakes were about to give me “the show of the details“.

Snowflakes and European VIPs

After all the talks we had during our pretty short meetup, in which we’ve touched everything from DPOS to the stupidity of our Prime Minister, I almost forgot that yesterday was the day that our country took, officially, the rotary EU Presidency for the next 6 months and all the “creme-de-la-creme” of the European Commission is going to be around Bucharest. I remembered fast as when I got inside the parking’s toilet, almost peeing myself after running around the huge damn thing trying to find it, I was “welcomed” by 3 SWAT type guys inside it. I was the last in a row of 100 kgs guys trying to pee. Is it just me or seeing masked up guys, even though they’re “the good guys“, never makes me feel comfortable?

I got out of the parking place in the rear of the National Theater and all the way to the exit of Bucharest I kept my eyes peeled for shots. Nevertheless, the windshield, the water and the overall commotion of the place (sirens howling, policemen in the middle of every crossroad, snow falling, low visibility) I realized that I will not be getting any shot worth the effort to develop. So I made up my mind and decided I’ll take a short stop near the Triumph Arch, an architectural symbol of Bucharest, a construction that bears many symbols (to us Romanians) and one that hides a lot of interesting details, to be discovered by the keen and attentive eye.

The welcoming of the crows

In the King Michael I Park the crows were celebrating the snow. Never really understood why they get so anxious before and during a snowstorm. When I was a child, my head teacher in school could predict snow coming by the crows in his backyard. I don’t know what they were doing back there and how they were communicating with the guy but he would come early in the morning, during the first class and let us know that it’s going to snow. And the precision he had… could rival with the best weather forecasters out there.

I once managed to get myself right under a pack of these crows as they were moving around the park. It’s not a great sight, I’m telling you. Taking all that shit from the above right on your scalp. This time it was not my turn… those guys in the distance, walking without any problem in the beautiful blizzard… were in for a surprise.

After that, I turned my attention towards our Triumph Arch…

We are a torn society… just like the photo above, tearing in half the beauty of the Arch. Unfortunately, our politicians are only fueling the wound inside our society and the European officials speaking yesterday inside our beautiful Athenaeum made sure to point that out in the most elegant way possible. Mr Donald Tusk had a great speech, using the Romanian language. I only hope that we will make it past this poisonous Government that we have so that we will be able to once again follow the European values as we are starting to deny them, officially, now that these values turn out not to serve the wicked interests of a few politicians.

I never thought that politics will make me feel blue… unfortunate… unhappy. But it seems that as you grow up and realize the way some human being decide to take advantage of the power the people invested in them, politics will matter inside each of us more and more.

Why the fuck is it always about politics?!

I guess that the most important thing we have to do is to look forward with hope and we, the decent folk that really want Europe to function and continue to show the world how totally different nations can work together in peace, to form a social majority which can make a difference through action.

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