Things that shouldn’t be there – #2

What a shitty day I had yesterday. Just like the first photo shows.

Yeah, that’s a damn shit place, right in the middle of fucking nowhere, on some Dod forgotten field I had to move. Because my job is taking me places… sometimes nice places, sometimes totally desolate. That’s Romania guys. That’s the world in fact. Beautiful places ruined by the shitty ones, we humans, have constructed.

At least it was sunny. That kind of “sunny” that flares your shot and burns the sky while you struggle to solve the shadows and the blacks in the frame. There nothing but me, the stray dogs and some abandoned railroad post, that kind of place where a damned guy used to sit, eat, sleep, masturbate and than shit in that little improvised toilet on the side of the road, all day long. What a life that must be. Especially when winter hits and those fucking winds find no obstacles for miles, in that openness.

I must live in the only part of the country that lacks snow at the moment, so everything works just fine, everywhere.

I hate this. It’s the beginning of the year and I like to celebrate it by going back to work GRA DU A LLY! Ease the damn thing in, don’t go rapping my but just like that. I guess everybody needs some “grease” when they go back to work and the winter holidays are just perfect for this. Everybody is free in that period and it’s a long one. It has its own spirit so you can’t just get out of the “Christmas spirit” in just one day. I need at least one week to be able to start my engines and another one to get them to work 90%. I never work 100%. It’s just too tedious and I’m not getting paid up to that level.

I know. I missed the focus on this one but in the rush of the moment, while driving slowly, that was the best I could do. If I were alone I would’ve tried to pull over and go take some nice portraits. But the fact is the same and this guy expressed exactly the feeling I had all this week: “I want to stay in my PJ’s all day long!“. Taking a shave in the mirror of a window from the street is not in my “bucket list” but the guy was so into giving 0 fucks that morning…

If I wouldn’t know better, I would think that the bathtub below belongs to the same guy that is shaving unfocused “upstairs”. But I know better and the simple fact that one was taken in Târgu-Frumos (that’s a very small city) and the other one in Sărata Monteoru (that’s a salty-water spa village) is a deal-breaker.

Probably sheep were supposed to drink water from there but I wouldn’t do that if I were a sheep. That’s a clear example of how, in today’s Romania, people tend to move from urban areas, to rural areas. They’re fucking sick of the crowd, of the bullshit and of the dirt so they take their damn bathtubs with them (that one one social status object that defines one as “urban”) and they move to greener pastures. I am about to do the same this year… it’s a milestone year in which I’ll have to construct and move into a house. On land. Out of the fucking city.

It’s not like I didn’t live like that before, in my childhood years, but now it’s “my” house and I’ll have to manage it.

2019 is a damn milestone…

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