A game of lights

Yesterday evening we’ve been walking hungry, through the streets of downtown Brașov. 

As a tourist, that’s a bad thing because it is similar to going hungry grocery shopping. I’ve learnt my lesson years ago when I’ve spent money I didn’t have, for things I couldn’t eat… not in the span of time the expiration date was giving to me anyway…

’tis the season to be jolly isn’t it?

I’ve made a habit already by moving around my country’s cities, taking snapshots of the Christmas fairs.

After that soak wet day on the slopes, the spa of the hotel came in really handy. Maybe I’m a peasant but God strike me if I ever saw almost boiling water in a Jacuzzi. I swear to God you could boil an egg in that water. Apart from the casual foot in the water and try your best not to scream as the water felt way too hot, I couldn’t drag myself to go in more. It seems that this hotel we’ve been to was pumping energy like crazy in order to keep so much water in that temperature. A semi-olimpic pool was there also, with all those thousands of liters of water kept at 29-30 degrees. But I spent quality time in the steam sauna. Oh, yeah baby! Now that’s a sauna I can feel. I usually don’t like dry saunas and I really prefer these “turkish baths” or how they call them; but even these have its flaws on me because the majority I’ve met (throughout the hotel I’ve stayed in) were pretty mild when it came to the temperature inside. But not this one. I’ve sweat myself inside out three times in the 10 minutes I could bear inside. 

We made our reservation for 9 o’clock but we were out of places to move at that hour at around 8. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to move around the centre of Brașov a little bit, snapping some shots with the city all lightened up.  

You know that “when it rains, it pours”, that’s how the saying goes I think. The funny fact is that this is all about the rain and the way it stood along us all the way these 2 days. Ever since we stopped the car, got the boots on our feet and left for the slopes, in the morning, the damn rain didn’t stop circling us like some damn vulture waiting for its prey to die, eventually. As the day started, so it ended, because what we encountered during our short, evening walk through Brașov, was not snow but more like a rain that has the perspectives to turn to snow… if it has faith, I guess. 

On top of all that, in the rush of leaving home we only took the snowboarding jackets, that we had on us, nothing else to use when going out, like normal people do. So we looked really stupid getting at 9 o’clock, dressed up like half of us was coming from the ski slope and the other half was all casual, in the fancy restaurant we love, both of us hungry like wolves and me dropping down on the white table cloth, since the very first bite, the damn fine chopped onion they had lying on top of the squid tentacle we asked as a starter. Really neat, I tell you. Peasants. 

There a sunny side to the problem of the rain and the moisture as well. Together with the Christmas lights, the wet pavement of the center of Brașov made up for a treat to my lens. I loved the reflections in the pavement and the way light was filling up a little bit more the place, when compared to a standard, dry night. Unfortunately, the night didn’t turn the damn rain into clear snow and that didn’t happen not even back up at the resort.

Those 2 degrees to make things snowy were still missing…

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