Going analog: The grumpy Grinch

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas. I do, really. It’s the “too early” and the “too much” that’s killing me. 

Oh… and there’s this other thing… you know… it fucking drowns your savings. People were saying that we are going to see a “Christmas rally” or an “end of the year rally” when talking about crypto. I really don’t understand why you’d think that. Really people! Everybody needs money during Christmas to buy those gifts from the mechanised global economic system in order to keep the consumption philosophy going, so they’re gonna cash out. I’m feeling a little bit like Al Bundy in “Married with children” in that famous scene when he’s sitting on the couch and everybody comes to take his share, from over his shoulder. 

My dog is also a kind of Grinch. Just like me. He’s not a bad boy but, like me, he doesn’t seem to be very impressed by things or events. His preferred position is the one that you see above, one that I’ve managed to capture with the Zenit TTL and the Helios 44M I’ve been playing with as part of this “Going analog” series that I’ve been doing. He was a little bit merrier when he was younger, just like we all were around Christmas. Then, as years passed by, he became less and less impressed and together with him, I also took this path.

For him, though Christmas may mean that he will receive a little bit more human food and sweets, it’s also a pain in the ass period. Just like for the rest of us. 

First of all it’s damn cold and he has to keep his long tail warm. He is not the kind to like extremes, just like me. He likes “the middle solution”. Summer may be too hot, winter may be too cold. Spring and autumn are his friends. And apart from the cold, during Christmas he has to cope also with the fact that he will mostly not be allowed to pass the fence in the middle of the yard, separating him from “civilization” (which in his case is the road and the stray dogs that roam around his fence). The reason for that detention is that my father starts putting all sorts of Christmas lights in the front yard, on all the trees and the bushes so the cables are running all around the lawn that he is supposed to walk and run upon when he is set free over there. Of course the poor dog has no idea that he has to pay attention to the cables and not only once we found him pulling half of the Christmas lights, like a drunk Rudolph, scared and out of his mind because the poor soul had no idea what the fuck is happening with him. That’s the “too much” I was talking about. 

A great Christmas is based on scarcity. That’s how you get more joy about the presents and I guess that’s what the Christmas spirit is all about: giving things in order to receive in exchange the pure happiness only a kid can give back. It’s a semi-altruistic story for the grown-ups to feel good about their deed. Each and every one of us has this need, deep down inside the core of our feelings. And how could the majority of kids these days give pure happiness back when they are pretty much used to receiving? I remember some bits and pieces about the communist Christmases and the chilling joy of some oranges. It was the only time of year we could see, smell and EVENTUALLY eat them. “Scarcity” was the word of the game back then and the fucking communists were keeping it artificial. It’s not like Greece is a long way from Romania and you couldn’t get oranges. It was about keeping imports to its minimum. Add to that scarcity the joy of being a kid and the lack of knowledge and experience and there you have it: the little pets were happy only to receive oranges and bananas (don’t get me started about the latter – we were receiving them all green, rock hard and we were keeping them on top of some high shelf, so the kids couldn’t reach them, in order to let them ripe).

If everything should go well with society, Christmas will continue evolving for everybody and as the country of residence gets more and more access to resources it will only become a period of the year when mass consumption is psychologically needed. I hope everybody will get abundance…

Still, the roots of Christmas will always be about the selfless act of giving to those that really need receiving, about little things that need big efforts and about unconditional love.   

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