People V – Happy vs. Sad

People Mici Cook

Cooking “mici” all day…

Now that’s a job right there. Somehow the happy face and the chubby shin synchronize weirdly with the meat rolls cooking on the grill. Lot of smoke inside the eyes. In the evening you smell like a chimney but you get the satisfaction to be the centre of attention when that mid-day, “lunch break” bell rings. How many stories about hungry men can that merry face tell us? So many “working men” rolled though his hands and availability. The pain in the guts! One of the biggest issues when you deal with construction workers. Because the grill is right in the entry of a local DYI, clients are sticking to the grill like flies on a steaming turd.

People Vodka Man

Drinking vodka all day…

If that is vodka. I guess that the lost, puppy eyes and the fact that when he realised I’m taking a picture tried to do an aggressive move (but couldn’t), are two enough contrasts. Experienced drinker this one is. Look… I sound like Yoda goddammit! Taking a seat while taking a sip. That’s intelligence right there. The more adventurous type try to get home while in this state of mind and usually they find a fucking ditch to fall into and sleep in, from where neighbour’s kids either pick them up or make fun of them. This specimen right here is a sneaky one, sitting in the bus station, on that comfy bench.

Getting a roof over your head is top 3 priorities, that’s what I always say.

People Clown

Dressing up all day…

Isn’t it hard to be happy all day, during those, at least, 8 hours of work? Keep that smile wide, the chin up and go everywhere with the attitude of a clown that has no actual reality image inside the brain. For me, the clown business is one of the most stressful. I only equalize it to those guys climbing communications towers, or the farmers that have to inseminate cows.

I can imagine how the first day of my life as an employed clown would go down. Lunch would catch me strangling somebody and kids are no exception. I would serve dinner in jail while going crazy and laughing severely ill like the Joker while being messed up in human blood. Human beings are not constructed to be joyful 24/7 and when somebody around me tries to be, I always regard him with suspicion. That guy may be a psychopath.

People Hard day

Having a bad day, all day…

Each day I’m waiting for the next one like Jesus Christ is said to be landing. Don’t know why but I regard the following day as the day I will change everything bad and implement everything good in my life. Some say that this healthy. Supposedly it’s keeping me alive and creative, doesn’t make me get bored of the game.

The game is the same nonetheless. Changes are soft in this game. They take time. Nothing is moving abruptly, nothing (good anyway) is coming from one day to another. And while the good changes are never fast, life is hard on the levels. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a sheikh. They have their own problems and they have their own issues when they get up in the morning. It’s not even about the money anymore, but rather about keeping the game rolling while trying to respect the rules that society imposes on us.

People Orange Biker

Biking all day…

Like an orange around sour apples. Biking in the middle of the Bucharest traffic is a challenge by itself. Being so immune to whatever bullshit can be thrown at you at the next crossroads, now that requires a lot of nerves. The whole picture gets one more star for the French basket in front of the bike. It’s not Normandy but I gotta appreciate the style and the balls.

I guess we all have to try and impose our style. Without fear and without remorse. After all, that’s what is all about on the road we call life: influence others, let others influence you, transform and become a better man. Society will follow.


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