People II: Good vs. Bad

We are all different. 

Each and every one of us is an individual creature who thinks about himself and rarely you can find an act of kindness that has come out of pure selfishness. Most of the time we confuse God with selfishness. We give things to people in need and make acts of kindness with the thought of Salvation in our minds. Redemption is what we seek most of the time. That’s because we feel bad with what we’ve done.

We are rarely born bad or broken. 

Often we come to those limits through experience. We hit those thresholds later. Life is what makes us bad. Life happens upon us like air and water is happening to a piece of iron. It oxidizes us from day one and that constant grinding creates the devils and the angels that we’ve been told about in “the Book“.

good vs. bad sparking hat
Shining in Bucharest

Oh, the Book… 

That stash of paper that tell us with an ancestral voice what is good and what is bad. And that’s why we are all so different. Some chose to live by its text 24/7, while others just consider that ignoring it is the best damn way to pass the day. But between those two extremes, those limits that, let’s be honest, were set as social rules, the human race it’s beautiful because of its diversity and the good can only be good because there are those who are bad in order to have something to compare them to. So there’s balance inside the chaos and beauty can be found even in the most uncommon places. That’s one of the rules of The Ecosystem (and I’m not talking about Steemit here, wake the fuck up!): we have balance and balance can be only created through diversity.

river fisherman
Fishing close to Brașov

We are here to evolve. 

That’s not an if. Ever wondered what the hell is the human race doing around? Why is it still around and what is our purpose. Well, there’s only one reasonably honest answer to that: evolve motherfuckers!

We are evolving and the concept of good or bad, between us a species, has only “social rules” value that can be written in rules. After all, the reality is governed by some rules: physics you know? You can’t just break the rules unless you manage to evolve.

cooking bar
Open kitchen in Mamaia

We evolve through diversity.

That’s another fact and we can’t deny that fine balance we have in our fabric, the one that spreads like a fractal to our society too. Just watch what happens when you’re trying to have a child with your cousin. You break the balance, you fuck the species. People are not good or bad, they are just the sum of their experiences, reflecting the natural flaws of the system.

So tagging is not nice. Or productive.

I take my camera with me pretty much everywhere. While I don’t aim for faces, 1 shot in 200, I get that opportunity. Because getting to see that spots in the fabric of society, that visual combination of faces or silhouettes that points to the fact that one is neither good nor bad, but merely another pawn in the great pathway of the human race while doing the thing it does best: evolving.

hat pedler
Selling hats in Bucharest



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